Babz Shabalala really outdid herself on the court last week. She really wanted to do her best to be the perfect stand-in and do Serena proud. That didn’t happen.

Following her embarrassing uniform fine from last week’s umpire, Babz decided to get her hands on some white tennis clothes. Her intention was there but somehow a few hours later Babz made her entry onto the court in a wedding dress and tiara ready to play ball. It was very entertaining for the crowd but for Serena’s team working around Babz… not so much.

To add insult to injury, Babz decided to take a taxi to Wimbledon to avoid the craziness of the train station. As she got to the arena she was so excited to be there on time that she ran out of the taxi and of course, left her racket in the car. Not having time to be fussing around trying to get hold of the taxi driver, Babz thought there must be rackets somewhere in the arena. She found some, wooden ones that had been placed in a cabinet to showcase vintage rackets. Not being a professional tennis player she saw no difference. She grabbed one out the cabinet and ran off to the change rooms.

After a long day on the court our stand-in was feeling a ‘bit’ peckish and invited her opponents over for a traditional Shisanyama. Everybody loved the meal and were really enjoying Babz’s hospitality until she pulled off a splintered bit from her wooden racket and used it as a toothpick.

There’s definitely something to learn from this stand-in experience, no one does you quite like YOU.

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