Palace Update

efferflu c queen

After last week’s chaos, the palace staff thought they were prepared for anything. They weren’t. This week Queenie G was up to all sorts of mischief.

Thursday morning after jazzercise, Queen Getrayda announced that all palace staff must wear at least one piece of leopard print clothing a day. She then ordered that her royal corgis get preference of bed, meaning that should a palace corgi choose a staff or guest room for the night, the guest or staff member must either sleep on the floor or find another room. The palace PR lady saw to it immediately that all official visits by foreign dignitaries be moved till after the real Queen’s return.

In a last minute attempt to ensure she left her mark on the Buckingham Palace, Queen Gertryda decided to change the royal fleet from the black SUV’s to orange bakkies with pink fur interiors. The palace photographer scoffed at the announcement, until it dawned on him that he would now have to try prevent paparazzi from taking photos of Prince Harry next to the cars .

Queenie G has really turned people’s perception of the Royal Family on its head. The staff can’t wait for their regal Elizabeth to return.

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