A Social Media Nightmare


Sunelle’s first week as Suzelle’s stand-in has been chaotic to say the least.

Not only did she overshare her end-of-weekend blues on social media, she also ‘by mistake’ shared a live video of herself getting angry and using very foul language because she didn’t have enough coal for her new Braai Pie DIY. You can only image the Facebook comments that followed.

Since she forget to post an actual DIY video, Sunelle decided to post an ‘apology video’ to the fans. Instead of actually being apologetic, she reiterated that Marizanne had taken the YouTube password and told viewers to unsubscribe if they wanted to because she doesn’t need them being critical.

With a massive drop in followers and a social media frenzy on her hands, this stand-in has really got her work cut out for her.

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